Youth Mask Set


Lift & Shine YOUTH MASK + Berry Dew Liquidizer

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100% Herbal Youth Mask Set

This age-preserve formulation is to keep your skin toned, hydrated, luminous and revitalised.

-reduces pigmentation
-smoothens uneven skin tone
-clears sun spots & freckles
-reduces fine lines & wrinkles
-improves texture & firmness
-stimulates collagen production

How to use:  See attached guide.

Formulation: Mask Powder

Additional information

Green Beauty

Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, 100% organic and natural ingredients

For Skin Type

✔ Normal, ✔ Oily, ✔ Combination, ✔ Dry, ✔ Sensitive


Face, Hands, Neck, Feet


Cleanses, Brightens, Lightens, Soothes, Exfoliates, De Tans, Reduces Fine Lines, Reduce Dark Spots, Reduces Wrinkles


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